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+++ 10. November 2016 +++

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Sigmar Gabriel Carries out Washington's Agenda in China

German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel, in his just-concluded trip to China, missed a historic opportunity to help avert a military confrontation pitting the West against Russia and China, and to promote cooperation with the New Silk Road dynamic, wrote Helga Zepp-LaRouche in a Nov. 5 news analysis. He attempted instead "like a good, well-trained poodle, to carry out Washington's agenda."

Shortly before Gabriel's trip, the German government had blocked Chinese investments in Aixtron, a manufacturer of semiconductor equipment in Aachen, by retracting its approval for the takeover. The decision was taken on orders of U.S. intelligence services, according to widespread media reports. Marc Tüngler, the director of the DSW association of shareholders, accused Gabriel outright of damaging Germany, and of doing the bidding of the Obama Administration against China.

One reason given for the about-face, was that Aixtron's products and technologies could have military as well as civilian applications. But that argument does not hold water, knowing that the German company has already sold many machines for chip-related manufacturing to China over the past years, as has its U.S. competitor firm, Veeco, which stands to benefit from the German pull-out.

In Zepp-LaRouche's view, “before and during his China trip, Gabriel did his best to toe the European Union's anti-China line, by calling for new EU laws and regulations to allow Germany to block unwanted Chinese direct investors.” She cites the opposition of Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler Benz, who asked pointedly just who was supposed to decide what the criteria should be for “unwanted” investors. The state perhaps? “China is training more engineers than we do,” he added, and does not need to copy German technologies.

In any case, notes Zepp-LaRouche, Chinese leaders reacted in kind to Gabriel's confrontationist stance.

    “A joint event of Gabriel with Commerce Minister Gao Huchen was called off, as was a meeting with the Reform Commission Chairman Liu, as well as the joint press conference with Prime Minister Li Keqiang. That the trip nonetheless yielded a few useful results is only due to the fact that the 60-person business delegation is aware of the fundamental advantages of cooperating with China, and of the undeniable fact that in economic and strategic terms, the focus has long since shifted to Asia, away from the trans-Atlantic world.”

Gabriel's attitude, Zepp-LaRouche writes, is “an object lesson in why the world appears, at best, in a distorted and imprecise way when viewed through the geopolitical eyeglasses of the old paradigm.” They prevent one from seeing the tremendous opportunities available in “win win” cooperation in the Chinese New Silk Road policy. That is the alternative to geopolitics and to world war, which threatens to be nuclear this time.

Apparently, Zepp-LaRouche notes, the German Economics Ministry is far too influenced by anti-China think-tanks, such as MERICS (Mercator Institute for China Studies) in Berlin.

The entire article by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in English translation can be read here.

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