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Die Neue Seidenstraße und Chinas Mondprogramm

Das Geheimnis
der Wirtschaft -
Lösung der
globalen Systemkrise:
und produktive Kreditschöpfung

Das Prinzip von Entwicklung: Dynamik, nicht Statistik

Von der Ehrlichkeit gegenüber der Natur

Max Planck zum 150. Geburtstag

Überlegungen zur Klimahypothese:
Von der Physik der Atmosphäre aus gesehen, gibt es kein Klima. In der Atmosphäre spielt nur das Wetter eine Rolle.

+++ 13. Januar 2009 +++

Ergenekon Arrests Preempt Coup Plan,
Operation „Glove“

Were the British Young Turks planning a coup in Turkey? This certainly appears to be the case, given that Turkish authorities issued a new round of detention orders and carried out arrests over the weekend, revealing that the Ergenekon was planing a strategy of tension aimed at launching a coup.

Called Operation „Glove,“ the coup was planned for shortly before the elections, which are to take place March 29, 2009. Following a classic strategy of tension scenario the Ergenekon was planning to assassinate leaders of the Armenian and Alevi minority communities, leading up to an assassination of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and members of the Supreme Court of Appeals, according to arrest and detention warrants.

This follows the discovery of a munitions cache in a forest just outside of Ankara, where 30 grenades, plastic explosives, ammunition and Uzi machine guns were being stored. Weapons were also seized at the home of Lt. Col. Mustafa Donmez, who is said to be on the run, and Oguz Bulut, former leader of the Sivas Idealist Clubs, which were close to the Nationalist Movement Party and the Gray Wolves pan-Turkic fascists.

The authorities believe that retired Generals Tuncer Kilinc and Kemal Yavuz, both of whom were arrested and questioned, were training military cadets who would participate in the coup. They had also chosen who would lead the coup-imposed government, but no names were mentioned.

Speaking at a meeting of the Justice and Development Party and defending the operations against Ergenekon, Prime Minister Erdogan said, „Those whose shady plans are ruined by the illumination of the national will and the brightness of the rule of law are worried.“ Erdogan was referring to the opposition party and certain press groups which have been critical of the government’s operations, and which have had links to some of those who are now on trial for their roles in the Ergenekon.

„We have displayed a determined and courageous stance to save our country, cities, and nation from the oppression of gangs and mafia groups. We have come long distances on this issue. Gangs and mafia groups used to be the decision-makers in Turkey. Such was the country we inherited.“

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+++ 4. Juli 2015 +++

EU Krise: Bundeskanzlerin Merkel soll zurücktreten, fordert Helga Zepp-LaRouche

In einer Erklärung vom 3.Juli 2015 ruft Helga Zepp-LaRouche, die Vorsitzende der Partei “Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität” zum schnellstmöglichen Rücktritt von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel, wegen “ihrem Rie... [weiter]

+++ 4. Juli 2015 +++

EU Crisis: Chancellor Merkel Must Resign!

In a statement issued July 3, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, President of the Schiller Institute, calls on Chancellor Merkel to resign for her success in destroying democracy, the euro and the chancellorship... [weiter]

+++ 4. Juli 2015 +++

The IMF Admits Greece Needs Debt Relief

The really major issue in the so-called “Greek crisis”, is the need to reduce the Greek debt. And that is exactly the issue which the European Union has refused to address, in spite of the countless d... [weiter]

+++ 4. Juli 2015 +++

Pentagon Warns of Growing New War Danger with a Superpower

The new National Military Strategy document released by the United States Department of Defense July 1, confirms the warnings that have been issued here. The foreword states outright;

+++ 2. Juli 2015 +++

British MPs, Union Leaders Call for Conference on Cancellation of Greek Debt

Twenty-six British Members of Parliament and several Trade Union Confederation General Secretaries and others have issued a public letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, asking him to support a Debt ... [weiter]

+++ 2. Juli 2015 +++

New Initiative for Glass-Steagall Bank Separation at European Parliament

Three Members of the European Parliament are pushing a renewed attempt to establish a separation of commercial banks from investment banks in Europe on the model of the U.S. Glass-Steagall Act. In a j... [weiter]

+++ 30. Juni 2015 +++

Paris COP21: Wie das britische Königshaus Frankreich in den Klimaschwindel hineinzog

Vom 30.11.-11.12. 2015 wird in Frankreich der nächste UN-Klimagipfel (COP21) stattfinden. Die Konferenz wird die größte offizielle internationale Veranstaltung sein, die jemals in Frankreich organisie... [weiter]

+++ 30. Juni 2015 +++

Paris COP 21, How the British Royal Family Hooked France into the Climate Change Swindle

From November 30 to December 11, 2015, France will host the UN Conference of the Parties (COP21) on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This conference, together with the process leading into it, will be the lar... [weiter]

+++ 30. Juni 2015 +++

Ärzte ohne Grenzen: Freihandelsabkommen gefährden massiv unsere Gesundheit

Ärzte ohne Grenzen: Freihandelsabkommen gefährden massiv unsere Gesundheit
Nach wochenlangem, massivem Druck des Weißen Hauses wird der US-Kongreß offenbar das Transpazifische Freihandelsabkomm... [weiter]

+++ 30. Juni 2015 +++

Doctors Without Borders Denounces TPP Free-Trade Agreement

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, after weeks of browbeating and arm-twisting by the White House, appear about to approve the trans-Pacific free-trade agreement (TPP) with a few cosmetic c... [weiter]

+++ 28. Juni 2015 +++

Zepp-LaRouche unterstützt Volksabstimmung in Griechenland:
“Nicht Griechenland, sondern Merkel und Schäuble sind gescheitert!”

Nachdem die EU ein weiteres Austeritätspaket von Griechenland anforderte, und die Eurogruppe das Hilfsprogramm für das Land stoppte, hat der Premierminister Tsipras ein Referendum für den 5. Juli ange... [weiter]

+++ 28. Juni 2015 +++

Referendum in Greece: Zepp-LaRouche Supports the “No”,
“The Problem Is Not Greece, but Merkel, Schäuble and the EU”

After the European Union again outrightly rejected the proposals put forth by the Greek government, and demanded more crushing austerity, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that a referendum woul... [weiter]

+++ 28. Juni 2015 +++

In Memoriam: Yevgeni Primakov, an Outstanding Russian Patriot and Diplomat

Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies, head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Foreign Minister, Prime Minister, and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), passe... [weiter]

+++ 25. Juni 2015 +++

Zepp-LaRouche spricht bei Seidenstraßenkonferenz im chinesischen Yiwu

Beim „Internationalen Forum der Städte des Wirtschaftsgürtels der Neuen Seidenstraße“, das vom 18.-19.6. im chinesischen Yiwu, Provinz Zhejiang, stattfand, sprach Helga Zepp-LaRouche vor mehreren hund... [weiter]

+++ 24. Juni 2015 +++

Zepp-LaRouche Addresses “One Belt, One Road” Conference in Yiwu, China

The reality of the strategic threats situation facing the world was underscored by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her intervention last week at the “Silk Road Economic Belt Cities International Forum” in Yi... [weiter]

+++ 24. Juni 2015 +++

US-Kongreß untersagt Ausbildung faschistischer Milizen in der Ukraine

Der US-Kongreß stimmte geschlossen für zwei Gesetzesergänzungen, die die Ausbildung der paramilitärischen Neonazi-Gruppe „Asow-Bataillon“ in der Ukraine und die Lieferung von tragbaren Luftabwehrwaffe... [weiter]

+++ 24. Juni 2015 +++

US. Congressmen Ban Training of Neo-Nazi Militias in Ukraine

The United States House of Representatives has unanimously adopted two amendments, which block the training of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary militia "Azov Battalion", and prevent the transfer o... [weiter]

+++ 24. Juni 2015 +++

Beschäftigung in Deutschland und der Schweiz leidet unter Rußland-Sanktionen

Eine neue Studie des Österreichischen Instituts für Wirtschaftsfors... [weiter]

+++ 24. Juni 2015 +++

Schellnhuber: ein Mephistopheles im Vatikan

Die neue päpstliche Enzyklika Laudato si stellt eine drastische Abkehr von früheren Ansichten des Vatikans dar. Es heißt dort ausdrücklich, „die Idee des unendlichen und grenzenlosen Wachstums“... [weiter]

+++ 24. Juni 2015 +++

Schellnhuber: Mephistopheles Haunts the Vatican

The new papal encylical Laudato si represents a drastic shift from earlier views of the Vatican. It states outrightly that “the idea of infinite or unlimited growth” is “based on the lie that t... [weiter]

+++ 17. Juni 2015 +++

Massive Angriffe auf Merkels Außenpolitik

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel wurde in den vergangenen Wochen ungewöhnlich scharf kritisiert, weil sie den russischen Präsidenten nicht zum G7-Gipfel in Bayern eingeladen hat. Zu den Kritikern gehören die be... [weiter]

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