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Das Geheimnis
der Wirtschaft -
Lösung der
globalen Systemkrise:
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Die Weltlandbrücke
wird Realität

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Lyndon LaRouche: Die kommenden 50 Jahre

Das Prinzip von Entwicklung: Dynamik, nicht Statistik

Von der Ehrlichkeit gegenüber der Natur

Max Planck zum 150. Geburtstag

Überlegungen zur Klimahypothese:
Von der Physik der Atmosphäre aus gesehen, gibt es kein Klima. In der Atmosphäre spielt nur das Wetter eine Rolle.

+++ 13. Januar 2009 +++

Ergenekon Arrests Preempt Coup Plan,
Operation „Glove“

Were the British Young Turks planning a coup in Turkey? This certainly appears to be the case, given that Turkish authorities issued a new round of detention orders and carried out arrests over the weekend, revealing that the Ergenekon was planing a strategy of tension aimed at launching a coup.

Called Operation „Glove,“ the coup was planned for shortly before the elections, which are to take place March 29, 2009. Following a classic strategy of tension scenario the Ergenekon was planning to assassinate leaders of the Armenian and Alevi minority communities, leading up to an assassination of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and members of the Supreme Court of Appeals, according to arrest and detention warrants.

This follows the discovery of a munitions cache in a forest just outside of Ankara, where 30 grenades, plastic explosives, ammunition and Uzi machine guns were being stored. Weapons were also seized at the home of Lt. Col. Mustafa Donmez, who is said to be on the run, and Oguz Bulut, former leader of the Sivas Idealist Clubs, which were close to the Nationalist Movement Party and the Gray Wolves pan-Turkic fascists.

The authorities believe that retired Generals Tuncer Kilinc and Kemal Yavuz, both of whom were arrested and questioned, were training military cadets who would participate in the coup. They had also chosen who would lead the coup-imposed government, but no names were mentioned.

Speaking at a meeting of the Justice and Development Party and defending the operations against Ergenekon, Prime Minister Erdogan said, „Those whose shady plans are ruined by the illumination of the national will and the brightness of the rule of law are worried.“ Erdogan was referring to the opposition party and certain press groups which have been critical of the government’s operations, and which have had links to some of those who are now on trial for their roles in the Ergenekon.

„We have displayed a determined and courageous stance to save our country, cities, and nation from the oppression of gangs and mafia groups. We have come long distances on this issue. Gangs and mafia groups used to be the decision-makers in Turkey. Such was the country we inherited.“

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+++ 31. Oktober 2014 +++

Ebola: Cuba is the Largest Single Provider of Healthcare Workers in West Africa

The government of Cuba has provided the largest single contingent of healthcare workers to West Africa to combat the Ebola crisis, according to an item of Oct. 27 on Caribbean360.
Accordi... [weiter]

+++ 31. Oktober 2014 +++

Glass-Steagall Motion Re-Introduced in the Icelandic Parliament

During the fourth week of October, Álfheiður Ingadóttir reintroduced her Glass-Steagall-style motion in the Icelandic Parliament. A substitute MP since the last election, Álfheiður had the chance to i... [weiter]

+++ 29. Oktober 2014 +++

Wie ein Notplan gegen Ebola aussehen muß

Die amerikanische LaRouche-Bewegung (LPAC) veröffentlichte letzte Woche nach Beratungen mit führenden Gesundheitsexperten einen Vorschlag für eine umfassende, quasi militärische Mobilisierung aller no... [weiter]

+++ 29. Oktober 2014 +++

Zepp-LaRouche: Deutschland und China sollten Renaissance der Wissenschaft vorantreiben

Die amtliche chinesische Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua veröffentlichte am 15.10. auf ihrer Webseite einen Gedankenaustausch mit Helga Zepp-LaRouche, der Vorsitzenden des Schiller-Instituts, zur gle... [weiter]

+++ 29. Oktober 2014 +++

Zepp-LaRouche to Xinhua: China and Germany Should Promote a Scientific Renaissance

Xinhua, the official news agency of the People's Republic of China, on Oct. 15 published on its website an exchange with Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche, shortly after Premier ... [weiter]

+++ 29. Oktober 2014 +++

Vladimir Putin Delivers Sober Analysis of NATO’s War Provocations

Russian President Vladimir Putin used the occasion of the annual Valdai Club dialogue in Sochi Oct. 24, to deliver a sweeping assessment of the present danger of global war and the efforts that Russia... [weiter]

+++ 29. Oktober 2014 +++

As Expected, ECB Stress Tests Are a Bad Joke

As expected, the so-called stress tests and asset quality review (AQR) carried out by the European Central Bank resulted in a giant deception operation, aimed at leaving the speculative bubble untouch... [weiter]

+++ 23. Oktober 2014 +++

Schiller-Institut Resolution: „Wachsen wir hinein in das Erwachsenenalter der Menschheit!“

Die mehr als 350 Teilnehmer der internationalen Konferenz „Die Neue Seidenstraße und Chinas Weltraumprogramm: Die Menschheit ist die einzige kreative Gattung!“, die zum 30. Jahrestag der Gründung d... [weiter]

+++ 23. Oktober 2014 +++

Schiller Institute Conference Calls for Europe, U.S. to Join New Silk Road

The following resolution was passed by the more than 350 participants in the Schiller Institute conference held near Frankfurt, Germany, Oct. 18-19, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the I... [weiter]

+++ 23. Oktober 2014 +++

EIR to Release Global War Plan to Defeat Ebola

EIR in the United States is currently preparing a policy statement, in consultation with leading public-health specialists, to rally the forces necessary to stop the Ebola crisis. British Imperial pol... [weiter]

+++ 23. Oktober 2014 +++

Opération Mistral: Cheminade Proposes a French-Russian Initiative to Fight Ebola

The Chairman of the French Solidarité & Progrès party, Jacques Cheminade, issued a proposal on Oct. 22 for the emergency deployment of a Mistral class helicopter carrier, the Vladivostok, one o... [weiter]

+++ 15. Oktober 2014 +++

Der „Sturm über Asien“ kann und muß jetzt gestoppt werden!

Lyndon LaRouche erklärte am 9.10., in den kommenden zwei Wochen drohe dem gesamten östlichen Mittelmeerraum und ausgehend davon ganz Europa eine Katastrophe, die mit allen Mitteln verhindert werden mü... [weiter]

+++ 15. Oktober 2014 +++

Euroskeptiker erschüttern Glaubwürdigkeit der nominierten EU-Kommissare

Einige Kandidaten für die EU-Kommission wurden bei der Anhörung im Europaparlament kräftig „durch die Mangel gedreht“, am meisten der für die Finanzregulierung vorgeschlagene Brite Jonathan Hill und d... [weiter]

+++ 15. Oktober 2014 +++

EIR Representatives Expelled from World Bank in Washington
for Bringing in the BRICS Perspective

Activists concerned with democracy and human rights in Russia or China are advised to turn the spotlight on Western institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Raising inc... [weiter]

+++ 15. Oktober 2014 +++

Euroskeptics Demolish Credibility of EU Commissioners-Designate in Strasbourg

The most remarkable grilling at the European Parliament was reserved for the Briton Jonathan Hill, proposed to be in charge of financial regulations, and for the Latvian Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-Presi... [weiter]

+++ 10. Oktober 2014 +++

German Study Highlights Crimes of the Vulture Funds in Poor Countries

In its Oct. 5 edition, the daily Tiempo Argentino highlighted the study Sovereign Defaults in Court, published this year by three German researchers, which documents the history and crim... [weiter]

+++ 10. Oktober 2014 +++

Bolivian Vice President Speaks on Importance of South-South Cooperation to Fight Vultures

Almost all developing nations have supported Argentina in its fight with the vulture funds, which are demanding their pound of flesh, as evidenced in the passage of a [weiter]

+++ 10. Oktober 2014 +++

Bolivia Will Not Buy into "Carbon Bond" Schemes

In an interview Oct. 6 with Argentina's Radio Nacional, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera of Bolivia noted that, in addition to vulture funds, a new fight is coming up in which Southern nati... [weiter]

+++ 10. Oktober 2014 +++

WHO 20-Year Study Confirms Harmful Effects of Cannabis

Professor Wayne Hall, a narcotics advisor to the World Health Organization has just published the results of his 20-year study on the impact of marijuana use in the journal Addiction. To sum it... [weiter]

+++ 10. Oktober 2014 +++

Sergej Glazyev: Russland braucht ein neues nationales Kreditsystem

Der russische Ökonom Sergei Glazyev, Berater von Präsident Putin, hat dazu aufgerufen, ein neues System zur nationalen Kreditschöpfung einzuführen, um erfolgreich wirtschaftliche Entwicklung gewährlei... [weiter]

+++ 10. Oktober 2014 +++

Sergei Glazyev: Russia Needs a New System of Domestic Credit

Russian economist and Presidential advisor Sergei Glazyev has called for the creation of a new system of domestic credit, to guarantee successful economic development, according to a report Oct. 7 on ... [weiter]

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